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Chuckles the Clown channels his inner Sheriff Mattingly!

When I ask Sheriff Mattingly why he said he was "glad they shot a white guy" his answer killed the Circus... With laughter!


Ross Williamson discuss The Fight of the century on The LBC!!!

The Sexy Side kick weighs in on the big fight with LBC's (Leading Britain's Conversation) Lisa Aziz!


Ebola Alert! Ebola Alert!!! Plus, Tucson spends $180,000 on A-10 study?!?!

If you've had the BoBo (Ebola) and survived... No sex for you! Plus, the city of Tucson pays $180,000 for a study whose results are identical to the reporting that the ADI (Arizona Daily Independent) and yours truly have been on for over a year!


It’s MILLER TIME! Listen in as Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller made me lose my freaking mind!

The #2 man in Pima county (Martin Willet) takes a spill while riding his bike in the county he helps run. Guess what? He sues the district for 6 Million dollars... And the county settles!!! Listen in as I lose my mind!!!


Yes… You did build that! Plus, Democrat Ring Tone Madness, staring Chuckles The Clown as Bill Clinton!

 You didn't build that, right? Wrong! Not only did you build it, Elizabeth Warren is not Cherokee! Plus, "Let it go" ring tone madness! 


Gyros copter, sandwich or currency? (We report you decide!)

How did a Greek sandwich plane avoid getting alone out of the sky? 



Tony Carr is a retired Air Force officer, student at Harvard Law School, Senior Editor of the Harvard National Security Journal, and the creator and executive editor of John Q. Public, a military blog and online community focused on the Air Force. He also kicks ass!


A Pocket Guide to Character

Just in time for 2016 comes this little ditty. We have enough politicians who try to be statesmen. Do we have any statesmen who know politics? Listen to our interview with Lawrence Reed.


We Must Own The Argument!

This is the best defense of Religious freedom that you are going to hear. There is a reason why Governor Pence and Brewer FAILD in their defense of freedom... They don't know the history and they didn't own their argument!


Interview: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Can't talk to Senators McCain and Flake (They won't return my calls cause I told them that they dressed a like. Ha!) So back to the land of Cheese to get some answers! Meet Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman, Senate Committee on Homeland Security. 

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